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Posted on 24 November, 2020 at 16:45

Payday may have arrived for most of us after a long January, armed with money to spend on improving our diet and our health, let me help guide you in terms of helping support your body to naturally detox.

The term ‘detox’ means detoxification, which is an everyday process carried out by the body to remove toxic substances from the body such as waste products, drugs and alcohol. This word is often misused for ‘cleansing’ or ‘flushing’ out toxins from our body with the use of diet supplements or foods.

Fad Detox diets range from juice cleanses and ‘skinny’ teas to colon cleanses. They claim to remove harmful toxins that build up in your body – these toxins are said to cause nasty side effects like weight gain and serious health problems. However none of these claims are scientifically backed up and many of these ‘cleanses’ have the potential to cause more harm than good.

Please steer clear of anything that claims to ‘detox’ or ‘cleanse’. Our body is detoxing ever single day by our liver there is no need for fad diets and expensive supplements with false claims.


Take a probiotic supplement: We have millions of healthy bacteria or ‘probiotics’ in our digestive system. Their main job is to breakdown food for us, and they also help absorb the nutrients from our food. Stress, antibiotics, daily medications and high sugar diets kill our probiotics. So instead of having plenty of probiotics or microbes to break down our food, we only have a small number. The process takes much longer to break down our food, which means, food is sitting in our digestive system longer than it should be, causing food to rot in our intestines and this rotting food produces gas hence we suffer from bloating. Ask in a good health food shop for a reccomended probiotic. I like Udos Super 8 or Biokult. Avoid probiotic yogurt drinks found in the chilled section of supermarkets as these contain sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Have you recently woken up feeling hungover without having alcohol the night befor and no appetite? Particularly after eating rich foods or more food than usual, so this might have been the case for many of us around the end of December. The reason for feeling like this is the higher fat foods have to be broken down and ‘detoxed’ by the liver. When our liver is a bit ‘sluggish’ it leaves us feeling sick or with no appetite, especially first thing in the morning.

If this sounds like you then have 1tbsp Apple Cider vinegar diluted in some water. It helps support your liver in this normal everyday detox process.

Some Tips on buying and using Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Buy an Unpasturised Brand with 'The Mother' these are the probiotic used in the making of the vinegar which you will see in the bottom of the bottle, Braggs or Biona are two good brands.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar is acidic so try to prevent it touching your teeth.
  • I like to knock mine back, added to luke warm water and a dash of cinnamon stirred, you could add a small amount of honey also to help imporve the taste.

Warm Water and Lemon Juice: Warm water and a sqeeze of lemon is another alternative if you cannot stand the taste of Apple Cider Vinegar.

  • Lemon supports our liver, which is responsible for the break down of many nutrients but most importantly fat! If you feel a bit sick after eating a fatty meal this can indicate your liver isn't functioning as well as it should be.

Pineapple: Pineapple contains naturally occuring enzymes called bromelin that help break down our food for us, eat a slice of fresh pineapple before a meal, plus the sweetness can help curb that sweet craving you may get after a meal.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is an amazing fruit for helping your liver detox and breakdown toxins in fact it's so good that it can actually stop our body metabolising medications! SO NO GRAPEFRUIT if you are on medications, if you are unsure please check with your pharmacist or doctor. Ladies, that includes oral contraceptives!! Start the day with a grapefruit and Greek Yogurt and you will notice an improvement to your digestion.

Say NO WAY to cutting out food groups, starving yourself, drinking detox teas/coffees, juice cleanses,detox pills, the list goes on.

Focus on

  • Drinking 2-3 litres of water per day
  • Protein with every meal and snack
  • Greens, aim for a half plate of greens with every meal.
  • Complex Carbs think BROWN products, oats, rice, quinoa, sweet potato
  • Avoiding or limiting processed foods or foods with long list of ingredients espeicially if the ingredients are unpronounable.

You could take the hassle out of trying to figure out what to eat by ordering a weekly or monthly food plan from www.lowcalmealsdelivered.ie. Fresh ingredients are used in all meals, meaking it easier to avoid processed foods along with supporting your body with the tios mentioned above, this is a sure way to get you feeling energised.


Elaine is a Qualified Nutritional Advisor, who took the leap from the Financial Services Industry to her passion for nutrition and healthy eating, not always something she has loved she tells us! Working with LowCalMealsDelivered to help provide information helping people improve their lifestyle. Elaine specialises in weightloss and works with clients on a one to one basis to help them achieve and maintain their ideal weight.


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