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Dublin Deliveries Ireland

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Justine Dublin

"Just fantastic. Having a really busy couple of months, so I've tried a few similar services, and LowCal Meals is by far the best. Every meal's delicious, and saves me so much time while helping me stay eating healthy - and no aggressive marketing calls to waste my time either! Thanks guys - appreciate what you do!"

Pro boxer Lynn Harvey, buzz.ie interview

“Luckily, Corina’s LowCal Meals are all delicious and give me the right balance of everything I need. I’d get home and have half a dinner maybe. Go training and then have another full meal at lunchtime "  Read the full article here at buzz.ie

Orla from glenageary

"Hi Corina, I just had my favorite - teriyaki salmon. It feels odd to enjoy your meals day after day without passing on compliments to the chef! I hope you are well and happy and that business is great :) Orla"

Christina from Ballsbridge

"I recently had foot surgery and as I was under instructions to bed rest for two weeks I found these tasty filling meals the answer to all my problems. I was never hungry and managed to lose weight while being so inactive!"

Louise Quinn Fitness
"Just Had our meals Delivered By Corina Mooney @ Low Calorie Meals Delivered AWESOME SERVICE All our Dietary Requirements where fulfilled Really Can't Recommend these guys enough"
Melissa from  Donabate
"I have been using Low Cal Meals for a few weeks now and I am so impressed with everything. The food is lovely, it is fantastic to know after a long day of work and kids that there is a fresh, tasty and healthy meal waiting for me. Before now I ate conveniently which meant badly, and I put on a lot of weight. Since starting getting the meals delivered I've lost 10lbs* "

Larry Doyle, PT,  
Can't explain how easy this makes life for me. wink emoticonWith an extremely limited time to give food prep with a hectic schedule 4am-9pm average day....This is a blessing. I can spend more time on far more productive projects or just have a normal life instead of being stuck in the kitchen all day"


Dano, PT, Facebook Post 
Thanks to LowCal Meals my extra protein meals . Low carbs and all round perfect diet is what u need to keep u on top of your gym game "

Tina Homan Berry, Facebook Post 
"6 lunch and 6 dinner low cal Sue... Bloody gorgeous just had the turkey one ... Fab. Can't wait for lunch tomo !!"

Trish O'Keeffe said:

"Delicious low calorie food! Very convenient for people who have extremely busy lives. I'm impressed."

Terry Quinn said:

"Really lovely food, burgers excellent"