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Privacy Policy

Data Protection : 
LowCal Meals is committed to securing your privacy and the privacy of any information given to us to process your order.
What and How is the Information Used:

We will not hold personal information about you unless you have given your express permission for us to do so by placing an order. During the ordering process you will consent to the use of such personal information.

Any personal information LowCal Meals hold or process will be kept up-to-date and will be destroyed as soon as the reason for its collection or processing has lapsed. No personal data about customers will be passed to any third party, except to fulfill the delivery of the goods to you, and as is necessary to process credit or debit card payments.

LowCal Meals respects both your privacy and confidence at all times.

Third Party :

LowCal Meals will never sell your details to third party organisations. We will pass your details to third party organisations for the purpose of processing your orders and correspondence with you via email.

Consent :

By making an offer to purchase Goods, or by using our autoresponders (email sign up forms) you personally consent to the information you provide to us being processed for any of the above purposes. By setting up a profile on our site you consent to receive special offers and other communications from time to time.